Support GWV Scholarships


Our scholarships are funded from bequests from deceased members and generous donations from members and supporters.

Major past donors are listed here.

Graduate Women Victoria welcomes donations and sponsorship of our scholarships and bursaries by individuals or groups. In this way we can increase the number and value of our scholarships.

All funds supporting our scholarships are held in trust in two sub-funds in the Australian Communities Foundation.

Donations to the GWV Scholarship sub-fund in the Australian Communities Foundation are tax-deductible.

Donors and sponsors are invited to our annual Scholarship Presentation Day.

You may  make a donation online at Australian Communities Foundation or use this gwv-scholarship-donation-form-dec-17 to mail a donation.


 Individual donations

Individual donations may be made at any time.

Donors whose gifts are large enough to cover the cost of a bursary or scholarship have the right to name the bursary and we try to meet their wishes for the type of award.  These donations may be either a single large donation or smaller sums accumulated over a period of time.

Group sponsorships

Groups who wish to sponsor a scholarship can make a special arrangement for individual donations from members to be received in confidence. The total only will be reported to the group, which may name the scholarship.  Individual donations will be acknowledged by Graduate Women Victoria.

The Catalysts’ Association, Southern Women’s Action Network (SWAN) and Women in Science Enquiry Network (WISENET) have undertaken group sponsorships of Graduate Women Victoria bursaries.

WISENet Bursaries

In a very pleasing development, the Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering agreed in 2015 to sponsor the WISENET Bursary for students preparing to teach science and maths. See for more information about the Academy.
The recipient will be linked to the Academy’s schools in curriculum program (STELR) aimed at enhancing science and maths learning through a context of relevant and enquiry based learning. STELR operates in 400 schools across Australia and is also taught in a number of pre-service training universities. See

In 2016, we are very pleased to be able to offer two bursaries to students preparing to teach science and maths, one donated by the Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering and one donated by an anonymous donor. For more information see STEM Bursaries Information


Scholarship winners and donors

Scholarship winners and donors