Local Advocacy

Request to Federal Minister for Education concerning recent Job-Ready Legislation

In October 2020 Graduate Women Victoria wrote to the Federal Minister for Education, Dan Tehan, asking him to reconsider those aspects of the Government’s Job-Ready Legislation which disadvantage students who select a course in the humanities. GWV forwarded a copy of the letter to Tanya Plibersek, the Shadow Minister for Education and Training. The letter to Tehan, and Plibersek’s reply, can be read here. We have not yet received a response from Dan Tehan.

GWV supports STEM and STEAM

Graduate Women Victoria has long supported STEM, the promotion of the education of girls in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. At its 2017 Annual General Meeting, GWV members endorsed a resolution extending this support to include the education of girls in Arts and Humanities: “That GWV take a stand for the future of girls and women in their individual careers and for the advancement of their communities by supporting and advocating for the idea of a cross-disciplinary educational curriculum currently expressed in the emerging acronym STEAM, an inclusive concept that rejects the idea of a “cultural divide” and recognises that knowledge of the humanities and the arts is integral to learning about science, technology, engineering and mathematics – and vice versa.”   This resolution has now been forwarded to the Victorian Minister for Education, James Merlino, asking him to use his influence to ensure that the curriculum taught in Victorian schools will be shaped by such contemporary thinking on the nature of knowledge. See the full letter to the Minister here.

Support for the Victorian Government’s Gender Equality Strategy

In November 2016 Graduate Women Victoria wrote to the Minister for the Prevention of Family Violence, Fiona Richardson, expressing strong support for the Victorian Government’s proposed Gender Equality Strategy. Read on.

Congratulations to the Premier and the Minister for Education for stance on the Safe Schools Program

In March 2016 Graduate Women Victoria wrote congratulating the government for its defence of the Safe Schools Program. Read on.

The Minister for Education James Merlino responded in May 2016. Read his response here.

Query to the Minister for Education about funding for public schools

In January 2016 Graduate Women Victoria wrote to James Merlino asking what action the government intended to take on the loss of Gonski funding, the shortage of public school places and the exodus of new teachers from the state education system. Read on.

The minister made a detailed and considered reply in March 2016. Here is his reply.

Submission to the Victorian Government Inquiry into VET Funding

In August 2015 Graduate Women Victoria made a submission to the government inquiry into vocational education and training. The submission argued that public funding to TAFE should be fully restored, that the conduct of private providers should be more closely regulated, and that the ‘single course eligibility provision’ should be relaxed, especially as it applies to women returning to the workforce. Read on.

Thanking the Premier for action re Women on Boards

In April 2015 Graduate Women Victoria wrote to the state Premier, Daniels Andrews, thanking him for his welcome initiative to place more women on government boards. Read on.

An appeal to the new Minister for Education re the land of closed schools

In April 2015 Graduate Women Victoria wrote to James Merlino, Minister for Education, asking him to reconsider the sale of closed schools for development. Read on.

The Minister responded in May 2015, but did not address our concerns. Read on.

Welcome response from Minister for Education and Skills

In March 2015 Minister Herbert responded with welcome news about government action to guarantee the quality of the education offered by VET Colleges in Victoria. Read on.

Asking for more action to safeguard standards at VET colleges

In January 2015 Graduate Women Victoria wrote to the new Minister for Education and Skills, Steve Herbert, thanking him for the very welcome ‘rescue fund’ for TAFE, and asking him for further action to safeguard the interests of students taking courses at VET Colleges. Read on.