Centennial Scholarship

The Centennial Scholarship  (valued at $9000) celebrates the 100 year anniversary of the founding in 1920 of our association under the name The Victorian Women Graduates Association.

Something of the history of the early years can be learned from a short history of the association put together in 1961 by then president, Phyllis Ashworth.

Students who apply  for the Education Masters, Masters or Research/PhD Scholarships may apply at the same time for the Centennial Scholarship.

Opening date for applications: 7 December. Closing date: 31 March of the following year.

To win the  Centennial Scholarship, you must demonstrate ways in which your study and career plans support the purposes of Graduate Women Victoria as outlined in our constitution:

The purposes of Graduate Women Victoria are to promote:

  • the right of women and girls to lifelong, accessible and affordable quality education in order to reach their full potential in private and public life;
  • the right of women and girls to engage equally in all areas of education and training;
  • education as a means of influencing and benefiting society;
  • the recognition and protection of human rights;
  • peace, justice and equality.

Please note:

The Centennial Scholarship is open only to applicants for the Education Masters, Masters or PhD Scholarship.

If a student is chosen for the Centennial Scholarship, she will not be able to win another Graduate Women Victoria scholarship or bursary in that year.

Additional references are not required, but students are advised to inform their referees of their intention to apply for the Centennial Scholarship.