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Graduate Women Victoria offers an annual program of scholarships and bursaries for women students enrolled in universities in Victoria. Our organisation has been awarding scholarships to Victorian women since 1931; see here for lists of previous scholarship winners. Scholarship winners for 2022 are listed here.

The scholarships to be offered in 2023 are listed here. Applications are now open.  Please read the information on this page; it contains instructions on applying.



Scholarships and bursaries are normally offered  in five categories:

    • Indigenous undergraduates
    • Fourth Year Honours Arts
    • Education – Masters degree
    • Masters Coursework,  Masters Extended and Masters Research students. Within this category the May Kentish Scholarship is restricted to applicants whose areas of study and career plans are relevant to areas of social justice, national or international; and the Judith Rodriguez Bursary is restricted to those studying in the area of literary, visual or related arts, e.g. film or music.
    • PhD and doctoral degree students. Within this category, the Madeleine Capicchiano Bursary is reserved for students whose research is on issues of human rights or social justice at the local, national or international level; the Nancy Millis Bursary gives preference to students whose research is in the Sciences; the Graduate Women Victoria Scholarship is reserved for students who can demonstrate that their research and career plans support the aims of Graduate Women Victoria (see further the application form).

Note: Applying for a specific Bursary or Scholarship does not mean that you cannot be considered for any other appropriate award within the same category.


This program is for all women and non-binary/gender-diverse people. The GWV program is not for those who identify as men. Then you may be eligible to apply if you are:

    • An enrolled student at a Victorian university or at a Victorian campus of the Australian Catholic University on 31 March in the year of application
    • An Australian citizen or permanent resident of Australia
    • Have overcome or are overcoming disadvantage in the pursuit of your studies
    • Have not previously won a scholarship or bursary in the category in which you are now applying.

Other eligibility requirements, if any, are set out on the application form for each category of scholarship.

Disadvantage may include:

  • Financial difficulty or low income
  • English as a second language
  • Migrant or refugee status
  • Disability or medical condition
  • Family/caring responsibilities
  • Geographical isolation/significant distance from campus
  • Family crisis or difficult family environment
  • Career/ study disruption
  • Other difficult circumstances

Documentary evidence is required for proof of eligibility and disadvantage.

Closing date for applications: 31 March.

Closing date for references: 14 April.

Scholarships will  be awarded only to students who are enrolled at their university on Scholarship Presentation Day, normally held on a Saturday in early June. Winners are expected to attend the Scholarship Presentation Day and give a brief presentation.

Before applying, students are advised to read carefully all the information on this website, including the Frequently Asked Questions.

Applications are made online at a secure site.

The FAQ page contains the link to register and submit all applications online.

Graduate Women Victoria respects the privacy of all applicants for awards.  See our Privacy Policy.   

Funding our Scholarships

Thanks to generous donors, the value of our awards ranges from $3500 to $9000. Please check here for more information about the funding of our scholarships, and details about making a donation.

Scholarship winners and donor

Scholarship winners and donors