Scholarship and Bursaries for Masters Students

Scholarship winners with GWV members: Megan Kruger, June Stewart, Jenny Strauss, Julija Knezevic

Scholarship winners with GWV members: Megan Kruger, June Stewart, Jenny Strauss, Julija Knezevic

The Philippa McCall Scholarship, valued at $7000, and three Bursaries of $3500 each are offered annually to female students, undertaking a Masters Degree by Coursework or Masters Degree Extended or Masters Research.

Students enrolled for a Masters degree in Education or Teaching should apply for the Education Scholarship.  

Students applying for the  Masters scholarship may apply at the same time for the Centennial Scholarship .

The Lara Irvine/Meg Endersbee Bursary, valued at $3500, will be awarded to a student enrolled in a Masters degree in literary or similar art areas e.g. creative writing, visual arts, film, music.

The bursary commemorates the late Lara Irvine, who was awarded the Meg Endersbee Bursary in 2009, when she was enrolled in the Graduate Diploma of Literary Studies at Deakin University.  Lara left a sum of money in her will for this bursary and at her request, the name of the bursary also recognises Meg Endersbee, who was Graduate Women Victoria’s Scholarship Secretary for many years.

For the SWAN Bursary (supported by the Southern Women’s Action Network), preference will be  given to a student whose study and career plans focus on human rights/social justice issues at the local, national or international level.

Applications open in early December and close on 31 March. 

Note that late or incomplete applications are not accepted.

To be eligible for these awards, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Female gender
  • Enrolled in a Masters Degree by Coursework or Masters Extended  or Masters Research on 31 March in the year of application
  • Enrolled at a Victorian university or a Victorian campus of ACU on 31 March in the year of application
  • Australian citizen or permanent resident

You must also demonstrate to the satisfaction of Graduate Women Victoria that you have been or are overcoming disadvantage in pursuing your studies.

Disadvantage may include:

  • Financial difficulty or low income
  • English as a second language
  • Migrant or refugee status
  • Disability or medical condition
  • Family/caring responsibilities
  • Geographical isolation/significant distance from campus
  • Family crisis or difficult family environment
  • Career/ study disruption
  • Other difficult circumstances

Applications close at midnight on 31 March. Winners are expected to attend the Scholarship Presentation Day and give a brief presentation. Scholarships will be awarded only to students who are enrolled on Scholarship Presentation Day, normally held on a Saturday in early June.

Please note:

  • The Scholarship Sub-committee of Graduate Women Victoria reserves the right to contact referees for further information.
  • Applications will not be received after midnight on 31 March.
  • All decisions are final and no correspondence or discussion will be entered into.

All applications must be made online. Before commencing the application, you are advised to prepare documents to be uploaded and to contact your referees. Note that you may save your work and exit from the online application site and return to edit your application.   However once you submit your application, you are unable to change it.

Documents required

  • Scanned copy (pdf) of proof of citizenship or permanent resident status e.g. extract of birth entry, passport, visa, certificate of citizenship
  • Scanned copy (pdf) of proof of enrolment in year of application
  • Scanned copy (pdf)  of original of all university results including those for subjects completed in your present course. An Australian Higher Education Graduation Statement (AHEGS) is acceptable for completed courses.
  • If your university has provided a certificate via MyeQuals, you may insert the link in the space provided on the application form.
  • Brief account of your career plans and research project if applicable – you may paste in a Word document, maximum 300 words, 11 point Arial font, line spacing 1.5
  • Resume (cv) of no more than two pages of 11 point Arial font and line spacing 1.5
  • Personal impact statement to explain the nature of your disadvantage and its effect on your study. You may paste in a Word document of no more than 300 words of 11 point Arial font and line spacing 1.5
  • Supporting documentation for your disadvantage(s) – scanned copy (pdf)  of originals, no more than 6 pages.

Referee reports

You will be asked to provide the names, positions and email addresses of two referees. Please provide each referee with the GWV Information for Referees. Referees will be emailed a request to upload a confidential reference.

For students who have recently returned to study, one employer referee and one academic referee is acceptable.

References must be received by 15 April.

If you have any questions, first read carefully all the information on this website, including the Frequently Asked Questions

You may register to apply for this scholarship at