Scholarship winners

Graduate Women Victoria has been awarding scholarships since 1931 – see lists below.  Group photos are included from 2006-2019.

Here are some recent research reports from scholarship winners.  We are more than happy to publish these here, and to link them to our Facebook page.

AFUW Vic Scholarships 1931-2001

GWV scholarship winners 2002-05

GWV scholarship winners 2006-10

GWV scholarship winners 2011

GWV scholarship winners 2012

GWV scholarship winners 2013

GWV Scholarship winners 2014

GWV Scholarship winners 2015

GWV Scholarship winners 2016

                GWV Scholarship Winners 2017

                 GWV winners 2018

                  GWV Winners 2019

GWV Scholarship Winners 2020

GWV Scholarship and Bursary Winners 2021